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The Institute of research and development SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN is a Colombian organization non-profit created in order to promote the development of Blockchain technology to national, regional and global levels.

Our work team

Formed by a group of professionals specialized in different areas of knowledge, with the common view that Blockchain technology, is the future.


More than 15 years of experience in development of information systems, planning strategies and financial markets.


Development, programming, trading, strategic planning, marketing, administration and finance.





First laboratory for research and development in technology Blockchain of Latin America
It will operate as a center of research and development of Blockchain solutions to real problems.
++ International Auditorium: 500 people (forums and international meetings)
+ International trading school
+ International Center for training in Technology Blockchain.
+ Inside of this complex also work other areas related to the development of the project.

How do we work?

The activities that we develop as an organization are based on a complex process of strategic planning, where sustainability and continuity in the long term are the priority.

We have formulated a series of real and concrete objectives, allowing synergy Blockchain to work for them with a common vision in each one of the members of the Organization.

They allow us to measure our performance, efficiently, achieving the proposed targets and generate rerouting strategies if necessary.


Strategic planning

Technological Systems


What we do

Our activities are focused on the research, the dynamics of the market, the value and usability of Token that will allow the sustainability of the project and the generation of value.

Laboratory Blockchain

The research and development will focus on boosting the potential of the technology Blockchain.


First international school of trading and cryptotrading, consolidated strategies of successful operation.


Our platform is created in order to promote the use of the TOKEN synergy and the criptocurrency.


Blockchain courses, Fintech, entrepreneurship, trading, among others will be available to the community.


Promoting the development, we will promote new ideas that generate economic, technological and social value.


We work to strengthen the community Blockchain with the aim of a widespread adoption.

It is essential that the Blockchain community work in an organized way and with common efforts, with the aim of protecting the market cryptoactive of external influences, the growth and consolidation of this technology is question of all.

Danilo Villalba

Co-Founder Sinergia Blockchain

Promote research and development of technology Blockchain in Latin America not only helps generate solutions to many current problems, but it also strengthens the market to spread the knowledge and worldwide acceptance.

William Gonzalez

Co-Founder Sinergia Blockchain

We develop SINERGIA as a really useful Token, with which you can perform trade very shortly after its issuance.

Vivian Morán

Laboratory Director

Do you associate honorary acquiring SINERGIA in the distribution campaign

Our Team



Contact our team, we will be attentive to resolve any concerns you may have regarding the characteristics of the project synergy Blockchain.

7th Street N. 6-59 office 207-Fusagasuga-Cundinamarca-Colombia